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Was your residence affected by the recent hailstorm in Roland last night? At Patriot Roofing & Restoration, we boast a skilled team specializing in storm damage restoration, ready to assist with everything from minor repairs to comprehensive restoration.  Navigating hail damage can be daunting, but rest assured, we’re here to

Looking for that brand new upgrade to your home that is going to make it the talk of the town? Maybe it is about time for a brand-new roof, one in a stunning color that attracts attention from everyone who drives by or visits. Let’s take the time to talk

Selecting a new roof can seem like a daunting endeavor. In a city like Maumelle where weather significantly influences residents’ lives, it’s evident that climate considerations weigh heavily on housing choices. What factors should individuals consider when choosing a new roof? First, you will want to look into the different

Are you interested in having your roof replaced? An important part of being a homeowner is ensuring that your roof can effectively protect your home against harsh weather. This is especially important in an area like Maumelle that experiences hail, harsh winds, and tornado damage. So, how do you know

On Thursday night, January 11th, a large storm swept through Little Rock and the surrounding area and left residents and business owners with costly damage on their homes, cars, and buildings. What: Hail, heavy winds, and rainWhen: Thursday, January 11thWhere: Maumelle and Little Rock, AR Earlier this week, KATV reported

Are you trying to choose a new gutter system for your home in Little Rock and are unsure of which type to have installed? Regularly maintained and properly installed gutters are a pivotal part of funneling rainwater away from your home and roof. Ensuring that your gutter system is working

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Patriot Roofing & Restoration: Roofers You Can Trust

At Patriot Roofing & Restoration, we are committed to providing you with one-of-a-kind roofing solutions and platinum-quality service. You can expect us to assist you every step of the way, from a no-cost roof inspection to design consultation to executive oversight for your entire project. We act as consultants to our clients, providing expert advice that considers our local climate and the latest innovations in the roofing industry.

Are you ready for a team who can handle all your roofing needs? Contact our team today for your no-cost roof inspection to get started!