Severe Weather Leaves Little Rock and Maumelle Homes with Substantial Damage

hail storm damage little rock and maumelle ar

On Thursday night, January 11th, a large storm swept through Little Rock and the surrounding area and left residents and business owners with costly damage on their homes, cars, and buildings.

What: Hail, heavy winds, and rain
When: Thursday, January 11th
Where: Maumelle and Little Rock, AR

Earlier this week, KATV reported on its site that a severe storm came through Arkansas on Thursday and caused significant damage to facilities, residences, and cars. The harsh weather reached a peak Thursday night and many Maumelle and Little Rock residents woke up Friday to find that they had lost power and that trees had fallen onto their homes and cars.

If you or a loved one’s residence sustained storm damage, here is helpful information that you should know about the damage that hail can cause, several safety tips for before and after a hail storm, and information about relief resources in the Maumelle and Little Rock communities.

Hail & Damage

Harsh weather can often result in hail, which is an ice pellet that ranges in size. When hail is bigger than 1” in diameter, it can cause substantial damage to your property. After a hail storm, you may find that your home has dented roofing and gutters, cracked siding, ripped screen doors, shattered windows, or even compromised structural integrity.

Safety Tips for a Storm

We’ve compiled a list of important storm safety tips that will help you feel more prepared before a storm and help reduce potential roof hail damage to your home.

Before a Storm:

  • Clear out any weak branches near your home and roof
  • Bring in any outside furniture or decorations
  • Inspect your gutters to ensure they can channel water effectively
  • Move your car to a safe and covered place

During a Storm:

  • Stay inside your home
  • Keep away from any windows and doors
  • Make sure your animals are safe and inside
  • Close your curtain windows to create a barrier

After a Storm:

  • Inspect your home and roof for any damage
  • Document all damage that you find
  • Safely clear away debris
  • Call a roofing professional to inspect your home
  • Reach out to your insurance agent

Storm Damage Resources

It’s a great idea to find storm resources online through your government’s emergency management page. Here are some resources for the Little Rock community that you may find helpful.

Here, you can also find information to help you asess the types of damage that your home and belongings have sustained and steps to take after a storm has passed. These guides can be useful in alleviating stress during and after an emergency.

Patriot Roofing & Restoration Little Rock

Patriot Roofing & Restoration: Serving the Little Rock Community

Living through an extreme storm can be overwhelming and it’s always a good idea to be overly prepared and have a plan in place. Hiring a local company to help with your storm damage repairs will make all the difference when it comes to receiving thorough, durable, and personalized solutions.

If you or a loved one has sustained storm damage from the recent hail storm, reach out to Patriot Roofing & Restoration. Patriot Roofing & Restoration is your local storm damage restoration specialist and is well-equipped to provide you with emergency roof repairs. Whether you need help with your insurance claim or need to address specific types of roof damage from an unexpected storm, we are here for you.

Call us today to learn more about our storm damage repair services and to receive a no-cost roof inspection.


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